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ITC is taking steps to achieve some gigantic goals


● Enhancing consumption of renewable energy usage by 50% by the year 2030
● Afforestation projects to sustain carbo emissions
● Reducing specific energy consumption by 30% and specific GHG emissions by 50% by
2030 as compared to the FY 2018-19 baseline.


● Reducing water consumption for industrial purpose by 40%
● To increase water consumption, implementation of rain water harvesting for better utilisation.
● Certification of all sites standardised by Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS) by 2035.
● – Improve crop water use efficiency in agri-value chains through demand side
management interventions and enable savings of 2,000 million kilolitres of water by

Plastic waste

● Within the year 2028, 100% of packaging would be reusable and biodegradable

Sustainable Agriculture

● Using more climate efficient technology and resources to increase agri business catchments covering over 3 million acres.

Biodiversity revival

● Revive and conserve ecosystem by sustainable and nature based solutions.
The area expands upto 1 million acres by 2030


● Providing sustainable livelihood solutions to more than 1 million people
Other facts

More than 40% of the total energy utilisation was met by renewable sources

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