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PRERANA works uniquely to empower women in the agricultural sector

Mahindra and Mahindra joins hands with BAIF Institute of Sustainable Livelihoods and Development ( BISLD) to start Project PRERANA.

An economy gets a boost in growth only when there is a combined effort coming from both the genders. In India, generally the women lack opportunities where they can deliver their efforts into production. The initiative aims at empowering farm women by enhancing their access to new knowledge, skills, technologies, schemes and services in various farming, entrepreneurship, and leadership which in return will not only make their efforts more valuable
but also improve agricultural production in our land in a much efficient and effective way possible.

Efforts such as Farm diversification, reducing drudgery through suitable farm mechanization, ensuring digital financial literacy, functional literacy and by giving opportunities to participate in training and exposures are getting implemented and practiced since 2018 in this campaign and is showing some fruitful results. Since 2018, the initiative has reached up to 5000 farm women from five states Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh.
In Jawahar taluka, of the Phalgar district of Maharashtra, this initiative has been operational since 2020. The project was introduced in seven villages and more than 850 women are engaged in learning and implementing new and advanced methods of agriculture such as floriculture with 245 participants, commercial cultivation of moisture-loving crops with about 500 participants, and nutrition kitchen garden with 100 odd participants. Women are trained in
Producing organic inputs like Jeevamrut, and Dashaparni extract for reduced dependency on chemical fertilizers and pesticides thus not only the methods are ecological but also sustainable.

Apart from growing vegetables organically, with the support from M & M they are now engaging in active Marketing and are putting their efforts to provide citizens of Mumbai with a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables through M&M Farm Division’s Kandivali Plant in Mumbai. Located 120kms from villages, the members also venture to provide other products such as flowers, like marigold and jasmine, and other delicacies like sweets made of finger millet. Their first event was conducted on 14th Oct 2021 ( This date is celebrated as “Rashtriya Mahila Kisan Diwas” in India) and is being carried out every fortnight. Thjs initiative is shapeshifting brilliantly in becoming one of the most beautiful women empowerment projects of our time and the most
important factor is they seem so happy and contented to be a part in this.

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