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Tata’s Unique approach towards CSR and relief fund

Some unique yet assuring decisions by Tata that brought aid to the war of 1999,
26/11 and even Kedarnath Floods and other calamaties.

Tata and the word philanthropy are aligned and remembered through ages. In the words of Jamsetji Tata,
‘In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact the
very purpose of its existence.’

Tata firmly believes that if ultimately the money that its earning is going to be for the benefit of the society or stakeholders, then the process of crafting that wealth should not by any means induce harm on the society or the company’s stakeholders.

This ideology is the foundation of Tata and its enormous empire. Their intentions for building up a company that maintains a relationship with the society and its growth is commendable. The year was 1999 and India was at war with Pakistan over the Kargil disagreement. Many
soldiers were being martyred for the sake of our country and most of the soldiers who were fighting for the cause, didn’t come from a financially stable background.

This was the moment when Tata took the responsibility of providing aid to each and every soldier was being martyred on the battlefield. Not only the Army but also the Navy and the Airforce was in the list of Tata and his services. 26/11 is not a date in history which is not remembered for its beauty but for its horror. Many members of the armed forces and civilians alike were dead during this fateful day and countless were injured. It was at this time Tata was one of the few corporate companies that came in front to give aid to all these injured and martyred beings, out of which most were not financially stable
enough to carry their own cost of living.

Same reliefs were provided to the people who suffered great casualty during the Kedarnath Floods and other natural disasters. Be it floods in the east like Assam, Bengal or Orissa. Tata always comes in front to provide relief and aid, without any restraints.

This unique approach of Tata is what makes it stand firm among its competitors. Not only it gains trust and value from its stakeholders and customers but also a promise that if a company is made by the society it shall promise to serve for the society.

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