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What is World NGO Day and what is its importance in 2022?

What is World NGO Day

World NGO day 2022

World Non Governmental organization is celebrated all around the world on 27th February. NGO’s working on various causes like the welfare of women, environmental issues, animal welfare, upliftment of children and women, the welfare of orphans and old age, welfare and upliftment of special children and human beings, the welfare of those inflicted by extraordinary causes like war, or any other calamity, etc. are a part of this.

It is a day dedicated to all those non-profitable organizations and all those people who work so hard to make a difference.

This day is celebrated in over 89 countries including 6 continents. This day explains the importance of NGOs and especially answers the question –

Why do we need NGOs?

India is one of those 89 countries that are a part of this constructive day which celebrated the importance and significance of this day.

It is celebrated as a day for NGOs across the globe to share their knowledge and experiences with one another. It helps people understand the admirable work NGOs do. It is an opportunity for individuals to contribute and give back to society or things by working on issues like animal welfare, environmental causes, etc. NGOs are a means to sensitize about the importance of these non-profitable organizations which are working both on a small scale as well as on a large scale set up.

How did the concept come into existence?

World NGO Day was first proposed by Marcis Louis Skadmanis in 2009. The idea was to thank all non-profit organizations for the work they have been doing and the heights they have been achieving in terms of the environment and welfare of society. World NGO Day was officially proposed and recognized on April 17, 2010, by 12 countries of the Baltic Sea NGO Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania by the members who were:  Belarus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Norway, and Sweden.

The first global inaugural event of World NGO Day was hosted by the Ministry for Foreign affairs of Finland on 27 February 2014 in Helsinki, Finland. The international guests were leaders from UNOPS, UNESCO, UNDP, European Union, Nordic Council, and international organizations who agreed to pay a tribute to all those NGO’s globally working for a cause in various parts of the world.

This day was inaugurated so as to thank the power of the non-governmental organization for their power and determination to bring a good and vital change in the society, with their reformative and transformative measures. It is a day celebrated to work with these organizations for a cause that one stands for. NGOs benefit the future in a very reformative way and will bring a positive change in society.

Theme for 2022

The theme of World NGO day, 2022 is to help these non-profit organizations by joining hands with them so as to work on a major concerning issue i.e., poverty, and also work with them for a better future.

India is also a part of one of those 89 countries that celebrated the contributions and achievements of these organizations and uplifts them for the benefit of society. Many NGOs are funded by the government for various causes like that related to environmental causes, issues presiding in the society, issues concerning women and children, issues about health care and sanitation, etc.

NGO Day – India

In India, this day is celebrated in New Delhi on a large scale where various non-profitable organizations are rewarded on this special day for their work and contributions to the welfare of the society and, are given a token of appreciation by some of the honorable and respected people in the society.

Many celebrities and people who hold special public importance are associated with some kind of NGO. They not only contribute to a better cause but also, encourage people from different walks of life to do the same.

Many schools also associate themselves with these organizations to teach people about how they can contribute to the betterment of society and also teach them the value of empathy.

United Nations and India CSR NGO award, etc, are a few notable organizations that appreciate organizations for their exemplary work performance and contribution towards the welfare of the society.

Many NGOs receive a token of appreciation both at national and international levels. India as a country itself pays a contribution to such non-profit organizations for their excellent delivery of performance and their determination to bring a change in society for a better future.

World NGO Day
World NGO Day

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