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CRY Ngo – Ensuring and promoting happier childhoods in India

CRY Ngo – Promoting happier childhood, protecting innocent childhood.

With just 50 rupees and a dream ” to ensure happier childhoods to the children” CRY was
born in 1979 to help children in their various needs and focuses on the growth and
development of underprivileged children and to date, we impacted 6,61,752 children and
even counting. We are now working in 19 states and with more than 102 NGOs to ensure
happier childhoods.

Why Children?

Fact – 40% of India’s population is consist of children. And India’s children face some of the
worst circumstances of the world. At CRY we believe that children are the building blocks of
our nation’s future. Let’s invest in their potential today so that they can become our
scientists, politicians, sportspeople, journalists, and teachers of tomorrow!
Awards & Recognition
In over 4 decades, CRY has received many awards in recognition of our work towards
enabling better futures for underprivileged children. Some of them are as follows

  1. RMI Roll Of Honor In Social Responsibility
  2. Best Campaign in Communication & Advocacy Category
  3. Best Campaign in Not-For-Profit (Silver)
  4. Social Media Brand Of The Year
  5. Most Trusted NGO
  6. One Of The Top 100 Non-profits In The World
  7. Best Multi-Channel Campaign For A Cause (#YellowFellow)
  8. ICAI CSR Award for Best CSR Project In Health & Education
  9. Quality Initiative Mission Award
  10. CFBP Jamnalal Bajaj Award For Fair Business Practices
    Our approach – Bring change at all levels
    CRY focuses on bringing change in behaviors and practices at the grassroots level to create
    an environment where children are made the nation’s priority. Further CRY works hard to
    bring change at the following levels:-
  11. Education – Right to Education
    Education is the basic need in today’s society, it not only builds knowledge, capabilities, life
    skills, and values amongst children but also develops their creative, social, and emotional
    We promote children to go to school and complete their education without any discrimination
    based on gender, caste, or creed.
    CRY’s education programs focus on
    ● 1. Early child education
    ● 2. School readiness
    ● 3. Learning outcomes
  12. Health and nutrition – Right to Survival
    A healthy diet with proper nutrition and primary healthcare is an essential part of a child’s
    physical, mental and cognitive growth.
    At CRY we focus on the prevention and eradication of malnutrition or poor health
    irrespective of children’s age, gender, or caste.
    CRY does this by focusing on the following:
    ● 1. Prenatal & Postnatal Care
    ● 2. Growth outcomes
    ● 3. Learning outcomes
  13. Safety and protection – Right to Protection
    Throughout our country, children are vulnerable to forced child labor, violence, abuse, and
    marginalization further compounds such vulnerability.
    Exposure to these kinds of unsafe environments could severely impact the physical,
    emotional, mental, and social development of the child and the damage is often irreversible.
    We believe in building a safe environment for all children, till the age of 18 years, a child is
    critical to protect them from abuse and exploitation.
    CRY’s child safety & protection programs focus on:
    ● 1. Child labor
    ● 2. Child marriage
    ● 3. Child trafficking
  14. Child participation – Right to Participation
    Every child has a right to be heard and their opinions should be considered by the adults
    around them. Children should have the freedom to speak out and/or act on the issues and
    provide suggestions on matters that affect them mentally and physically. It’s not only
    important for their mental and emotional development but also fosters a high degree of
    selfesteem and self-belief.
    We believe that all children have the potential and the ability and they should get every
    chance to hold dialogue on the things that matter to them.
    CRY’s child participation program focus on:
    ● 1. Child participation
    ● 2. Increase awareness
    ● 3. Group activities
    We at CRY addresses children’s critical needs by working with everyone that matters for the
    children including parents, teachers, Anganwadi workers, volunteers, communities, district,
    and state-level governments, and mainly children themselves.
    Get involved now and became a part of a better tomorrow
    From a corporate business to an individual working everyone can help in shaping and
    providing India a better and bright future.
    At CRY we believe that each individual can help in their own unique way. Here are the
    number of ways in which you can make a change.
  15. Donation
    Direct donation at our website and we promise that each rupee will work 100 times harder.
  16. Adopt a project
    CRY works with 102 local projects across 19 states in the areas of education, health,
    nutrition, safety, and protection as well as participation. You can adopt one or more of our
    projects that fit your CSR needs in terms of geographical location and area of intervention.
  17. Cause-related marketing (CRM)
    When you integrate your marketing efforts with a cause, you not only help create social
    impact but also build incredible goodwill for your brand.
  18. Event sponsorship and participation
    CRY organizes several events (marathons, cyclothons, walkathons and soccer tournaments,
    etc.) across the year to raise awareness for children’s rights. You can come on board as one
    of the event sponsors to support the cause and get visibility for your brand or pledge a fixed
    amount to include a set number of your employees as participants.
    Volunteering and Internship
    If you are an individual who wants to help, you can do so by volunteering at various ongoing
    projects or you can help by an internship both on-site and remote.

Why should you do Corporate Social Responsibility in 2022


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